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Central States Region Super Cups is a 1/2 scale stock car racing organization.  We incorporate drivers from all over the Midwest.  We currently are racing with drivers from Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, and Iowa.  The main draw of our drivers comes from the Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin borders. 

Starting out in the early 90's, making CSR the longest running Mini/Super Cup series on the Planet. CSR has seen an upturn that has made CSR stand out among other racing series.  CSR does not have their own set of engine rules; the drivers are expected to conform to a strict set of nationally known MMRA rules concentrating on safety, fun, affordability and close competition. CSR is one of the only Mini/Super Cup Series that carries its own Insurance.

Central States Region Super Cups has set new goals for the 2019 season. One is to bring other racers from some of the other Super Cup clubs  together, this will both increase car counts and show that Mini Cups are the race vehicle of the future.  We have adapted back to the MMRA engine rules  for the 2019 race season.  Please don’t confuse CSR with any other race series claiming to be like us.  There has been and will always be only one great Mini Cup Car series in the Midwest: Central States Region Super Cups!  We are looking forward to 2019 to watch the series grow and continue to offer safe and affordable racing but at the same time a professional racing series that gives back to the public and its supporters.  Check the CSR news section frequently to find out where you can find Super Cups making an appearance in your home town!

CSR's main goal is to offer a safe and structured racing environment for its drivers and families at the track.  Off the track our goal is to promote our series sponsors as well as our personal sponsors both frequently and professionally.  In the 2018 season CSR continued to increase car counts while decreasing the number of crashes, making it one of the safest forms of racing in the area.  We plan to keep this well structured program in place for years to come.  Good hard racing has set us apart from other racing series.  Our drivers pit together and offer a helping hand when things go wrong.  Strict guidelines are in place to keep racing safe and competitive. Above all, it is a club like atmosphere, which keeps its members informed and up to date on all series activities.  By doing so it keeps our drivers active as a member of the organization.

To learn more about the CSR organization and the plans we have in store for the future contact Steve Naples at 630-217-8790  

                             Thank you for visiting the Central States Region Super Cups and we will see you at the races!

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